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STAG 2011

A Very Special Stag Night Indeed!

May 21, 2011

With over 200 Delt brothers in attendance, Stag Night was very special for all! Brother Neal Malicky presided over the evening with hundreds of alumni and a few special guests in attendance. The evening began with the “Re-dedication” of the Shelter on the front step of our newly $540,000 Cap 50 Capital Campaign for a complete renovation of our Shelter and chapter property. In attendance with all brothers, was Dr. Ira DeSpain (a Kappa Sig who should have been a Delt) who led the opening prayer, along with University President Pat Long, Neighbor Dan Harris, Chapter President Blake Stanwood, and distinguish alumni representing special dedicated areas: Bob Selzer, Jeff Faulkner, and Craig Leitnaker. After a great BBQ dinner prepared by our new chef, Emily Bates, the evening program began with blessing and a “welcome” Rah Rah for Emily! Of course, we had very encouraging Chapter update from President Stanwood and our new Chapter Advisor, Bill Burwell. Also the House Corporation was recognized and a Cap 50 salute and summary from Cap 50 Capital Campaign Chairman Gary Sollars. In addition, Brother Sollars introduced a new capital fund called “Hartley Cornerstone” dedicated towards our generous brother who made an enormous gift to the Cap 50 campaign. This fund will serve as a building block for future capital improvements. In closing Brother Sollars and Coleman received a warm recognition for their efforts on the renovation and Cap 50 campaign. Our many thanks for all attending this special Stag and encourage all Baker Delts to plan on next spring. Your Shelter is strong and moving forward with great Chapter leadership!

We would like to honor the following individuals with a special thank you:

Vance Beiser, Bill Burwell, Steve Carrithers, Dave Coleman, Don Coleman, Bill Eddy, Mike Farmer, Jeff Faulkner, Kent Fry, Craig Leitnaker, Neal Malicky, Swede Malm, Bill Pardue, Don Rogers, JBob Selzer, Jeff Skillman, Gary Sollars, and John Stack.

“Good Night Brothers”
Gary Coleman ‘72
House Corporation President

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