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Frequently Asked Questions About Fraternity Life

O.K. Mom and Dad.  You have spent the last year going though college information with your son and you feel as if you are in over your head with all of the “Greek Speak” you’ve been hearing lately.  Not to mention that you are already a little leery about the Greek system itself.  After all, isn’t Greek life just one party after another?

We are here to tell you that there is lot more to Greek life than meets the stereotype.  In fact, the stereotypical “Animal House” is a lot harder to find than you may think!  We have answered the following most commonly asked questions for parents of incoming collegiate freshmen — along with a quick explanation of some of those Greek terms you have heard said this past year.  After you read this information and you have more questions about the Greek system we would encourage you to e-mail them to the chapter president or our recruitment chairman.  He will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have about the Greek system and Delta Tau Delta at Baker University.

What kind of skills can I expect the fraternity to help my son develop while at Baker?

As you can see from our prominent alumni list, there are a lot of influential and knowledgeable people in our alumni roll’s.  These people have every interest in helping your son become successful in life, too.  Many of these alumni make regular trips to Baker and Delta Tau Delta to spend time with the undergraduates and share with them their knowledge of business and “the real world.”  They will help your son prepare himself by advising on the types of courses to take, the kind of resume to write, the best way to interview, and of course offer contacts when the undergraduate needs an internship or is ready to enter the work force.

By meeting these alumni, your son can expose himself to people like those he will be working for upon graduation.  He will learn the types of interpersonal skills necessary to be an effective employee.  He will also learn how to solve problems while in the fraternity.  By living in the fraternity he will be living with up to 40 other men who will share his goals and be supportive of helping him achieve them.

What about the cost of membership, how will I afford that?

The cost of membership may actually surprise you!  After a young man moves into the Delt house, based on the 2010-2011 school year fees, he would actually SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over living in a campus dorm.  Don’t believe us?  Just ask for the numbers and we’re happy to prove it to you!  When you consider the added learning that goes with belonging to a fraternity you can quickly surmise that fraternity life is the biggest bargain at Baker University!

OK, but still, what about all that I hear about alcohol use and hazing in fraternities?

Delta Tau Delta has been a leader in the alcohol awareness movement at Baker and they’ve also been a national leader in the prevention of hazing.

Delta Tau Delta’s policy for hazing is inflexible.  It is not allowed.  Delta Tau Delta has identified 18 forms of hazing.  They are explicitly drawn out for the undergraduates along with the consequences for someone or someone’s who may break the policy.  Hazing simply is not tolerated at Delta Tau Delta.

What about immediate, practical benefits for my son?

Many immediate benefits can be seen for Delt membership.  Delta Tau Delta has a complete file system of class notes and tests for your son to research and prepare himself with for success in the classroom.  Also, Delta Tau Delta has rooms designated for studying, computer access, study tables, and internet hookups to facilitate learning.

Delta Tau Delta has set for itself stringent academic standards and expects (without exception) its members to live up to those.  If your son is having trouble academically he can seek out help of the other members and will participate in the chapter’s study table to help him learn good study skills.  Should your son be or become an achiever in the classroom, Delta Tau Delta has scholarships to recognize those efforts.  Last year Delta Tau Delta awarded over $2,000 in scholarships.

Your son will be encouraged to learn about community service through the various philanthropic activities of the fraternity.  Through all of this he will be working with people who’s backgrounds are varied but their goals the same — to become the best men that they can be.

Everything sounds great so far. Tell me, how does my son become involved?

The best way to become involved and get more information is to contact the chapter president or any other member of Delta Tau Delta and they will contact you and/or your son about Greek membership.  Simply contact us with your son’s name, address and phone number and we’ll get right back to you.  Email or calling us works the best.

What will be different about the friends my son makes as a Greek?

Your son will develop friendships that will last a lifetime.  Chances are, the friends your son makes as a Greek will be the friends that he will involve himself with for the rest of his life.  Men who belong to Greek organizations find a common bond that lasts well beyond the four years spent in school.