Posted by admin | | Monday 10 January 2011 7:41 pm

Academic integrity is vital to a fraternity’s success. The members of Delta Tau Delta pride themselves on excelling within the classroom. The following graph represents the degrees pursued by our undergraduate members.

As an incentive to encourage and reward its members for excellence in the classroom, Gamma Theta chapter offers several scholarships exclusively to its members, both initiated men and pledges. These scholarships are applied for during the spring semester and awarded at the end of every school year during STAG. The following are the scholarships presented to members of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity at Baker University and their annual amounts for the 2012-2013 academic school year are as follows:

Fleming / Shank Memorial Scholarship: $1,012
Graves Scholarship: $556
John E. Blake III Memorial Scholarship: $277
Webb Scholarship: $287

Active members click here for a link to the 2012-2013 Fleming/Shank, Graves, Fred Webb and John E. Blake III scholarship applications.