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Times are changing at Gamma Theta 12/2019 Gc
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The news of change is in the air at Gamma Theta. After many meetings, discussions and thought out decisions, our Chapter is moving forward with new ideas, with new, younger alumni.

Our Chapter has had strong leadership by President Connor Cummings and House Director, Nick Yarbrough. With their leadership this semester/year…many issues have been addressed with positive results and new direction has been set. Presently there are 25 men living in the Shelter with 18 new initiates. We anticipate approximately 30 men next fall, 2020.

Over the many, many years we all have experienced having an employed cook in the kitchen. Our Chapter has made a financial decision to upgrade the meals and select Upper Crust services. With a team of HC members offering various alternatives, our Chapter voted to accept a new arrangement and contract. We are happy to report, the “reviews” are great! Meals and kitchen services have been a hit! ***And the House Corporation members involvement has been reduced dramatically.

Academics is another priority our Chapter continues to address. With HC Jim Carr ’71 assistance, he was able to arrange a special meeting with the Baker Director of Student Academic Support Specialist, Kathy Wilson, to meet with our new pledges. She was very helpful to introduce university life and offered advice on study habits, etc. Presently our Chapter GPA 3.2 (spring 2019). It will remain a top priority for our Chapter.

Socially, our Chapter works directly with Randy Flowers the Asst. Dean/Director of Student Life along with Josh Doak/Asst Director and IFC handling safe, responsible social events. With proper advance planning, monitoring and education, The Delts are committed to a safe place to gather socially. It has been announced at our last meeting, the Chapter has agreed to only having closed parties at the Shelter or limited 3rd party events conducted outside the House.

If future students wish to be a part of our social scenes, they will need to be a Delt member.

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Our House is financially healthy. Thankfully, with a well executed plan by Mike Farmer ’68 and Bill Pardue ’69 over these many years, The Baker Delts are in a very strong position. All taxes are up to date, there is NO LONGER a mortgage debt, and all Chapter monthly expenses paid on time, via Omega Financial Services. The state of our Shelter is the best it’s been in 60 years!

Moving forward, our Hartley Cornerstone Fund will continue to grow with monthly automatic Chapter deposits. This fund is for capital investments that may be needed in the future, IE… HVAC, roof, fireplace repair & appliances. Thankfully, many alumni contribute to this fund over these past years to help us get to this point for purchases of ice maker, stove, washers, hot water heater, freezer, HVAC, back staircase and plumbing needs. By sustaining this yearly buildup of funds, we are hopeful the Hartley Cornerstone will be a major asset for future capital investments, with watchful eye of Gary Sollars, Gary Coleman, Andrew Dare and Mike Farmer.

In early December 2019, our Chapter and House Corporation had leadership roles selected and voted on. The Chapter elected Calvin Ball as President. Jake VanDaele as VP, Jace Johns as Treasure, Seth Burroughs Member Development, Sam Huckabee Sergeant-at-arms, Brock Hollingsworth Secretary and Co-Academics-BJ Harvey & Braden Griffiths. These men were among many who spoke up, that wish to lead Gamma Theta for the next year.

Also, the House Corporation has celebrated the addition of new and younger alumni to serve in various roles. Mike Hobbs our New HC President; Andrew Dare Financial; Jesse Bennett House & Grounds; Eric Conaway; In addition to these 4 new members, the HC is reviewing and will be seeking 3 additional younger alumni to join them. In addition, we are seeking a new Chapter Adviser.

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Also, as per our By-Laws, it was presented and voted by the HC to
reduce the number of HC members from nine (9) to seven (7) members. With only 3 meetings a year, the role of the HC has been reduced dramatically with the help of emails and limited texting.
(This By-Law change will be presented & voted on at Stag Night, 2020.)

Past Gamma Theta House Corporation Members that have served over these recent years with steadfast loyalty: Bob Andrews, Gary Coleman, Mike Farmer, Justin Lane, Craig Leitnaker, Bradford Oliva, Bill Pardue, Jeff Skillman and Chapin Deel-Westminister.
Jim Carr, Gary Coleman, Mike Farmer, Don Rogers and Bob Selzer will assist in the transition over the next year w/ our talented new HC members.

Rah Rah !!!

Blessings to all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!