Mission & Values

Posted by admin | | Monday 10 January 2011 7:43 pm

The Mission and Values of Delta Tau Delta

Delta Tau Delta is far more than a mere social organization, more than a place to live or a way to meet people. The Delts are different from the typical social fraternity. Our mission, Committed to Lives of Excellence, is what we as a Fraternity represent. Delta Tau Delta fulfills many purposes, not the least of which are sharpening its members’ leadership skills and helping them launch successful careers. Delt life provides fantastic opportunities to grow and prepare our members for personal and career development. Our members can utilize the Fraternity as a launching pad to prepare and set themselves apart from other students.

Our Mission
It is the mission of Gamma Theta Chapter to build the Integrity of our members and our whole on the four fundamental principles of Truth, Courage, Faith, and Power. We are accountable not only to our community, but to ourselves as we strive for Life Long Learning, Growth, Brotherhood and Service.

Our Values
Truth, Courage, Faith, and Power are our Foundation.
Traditions of our past determine our future.
Our ritual holds answers to all of life’s questions.
We are nothing without our brotherhood.