Parent Newsletter

Posted by admin | | Monday 10 January 2011 8:01 pm

The Delt Line: Parent News and Information

The Delta Tau Delta Rush Committee wishes to extend to all of you our welcome to Gamma Theta Chapter of Delta Tau Delta and to our website. For those of you with son’s returning to Baker, you already know the difference that Delta Tau Delta can make in your son’s life. For those of you new to Delta Tau Delta, we wish to extend to you our warmest welcome to Baker University and Delta Tau Delta. You and your son are at the threshold of four of the finest years of your life. Delta Tau Delta is committed to helping see that you and your son get the most out of that time.

Academics is a top priority for the men of Delta Tau Delta. Over the past few years, the men of Delta Tau Delta have seen a resurgence in their grades, consistently ranking near the top among all fraternities at Baker. With a new Academic Incentive Program in place and a desire among the men to excel both inside and out of the classroom, you can look for the Delts to be and stay at the top in the very near future.

The Delts also have a complete file system of past tests for it’s members to review and become acquainted with how a professor writes his or her tests and what the professor expects. In the Spring your son will be encouraged to apply for Fraternity scholarships. Delta Tau Delta/Gamma Theta chapter has scholarships available totaling $2,000. Encourage your son to be on the lookout for a call for applications for these scholarships.

Delta Tau Delta, with all it has to offer you, comes at a surprisingly affordable cost. Not only will pledging Delta Tau Delta enhance your Baker education, but it will save you money as well! For the 2010-2011 school year, the cost of living in DTD versus university housing is several hundred dollars less! In some cases, when comparing against living in campus apartments, DTD is more than $2,000 less expensive than Baker housing! Don’t believe us? Just email us and we’ll happily provide the proof!

Delta Tau Delta will also provide you with many more opportunities than you will have living in campus housing. By pledging Delta Tau Delta, you will be encouraged to undertake activities of interest to you, to become involved on the Baker campus. Delta Tau Delta also provides you with the network of the upperclassmen and alumni who are intent on seeing you succeed in all that you endeavor. Delta Tau Delta allows you to develop friendships and a bond with your fraternity brothers that will last a lifetime.

Baker University Alcohol Policy
Schools and fraternities today are confronting problems that before either were not there or just ignored. Baker and Delta Tau Delta are working together to help protect and educate your son concerning underage drinking and the responsibility of “know when to say when”.

The men of Delta Tau Delta have taken a lead role on campus in this issue. Delta Tau Delta’s policies concerning alcohol are being adopted by the University and the rest of the Greek system. The policy includes having active members monitor the party, taking care to see that underage drinking does not occur and to ensure that a member and/or his date is made aware — and is no longer served — if he or she has had too much to drink.

Jobs / Internships Seminars
The challenge of finding a job has become increasingly difficult recently and in the last year especially. College graduates find themselves competing with not only other graduates, but well qualified individuals who may themselves be looking for employment due to a layoff or other cause. The alumni chapter is taking a pro active approach to this issue to try and give your son an edge.

Parental Involvement
We encourage you to get involved in the Delta Tau Delta Parent’s Club. This organization has done more for the house than could ever be expected. With annual fundraisers, the Delt Parent’s Club has worked to provide the chapter with a big screen television, new kitchen appliances, and other items that were never asked for.

Hazing Policy
At Delta Tau Delta, we find hazing unthinkable and intolerable. It goes against the meaning of brotherhood, creates a mockery of both our ideals and values, and a complete misrepresentation of what the Fraternity and fraternity life is about. Steps have been taken to communicate to all Delt chapters that our stance against hazing is firm, and we are not alone. To those who continue to perpetuate hazing, we can only express our frustration and our outrage. To those who continue to question where Delta Tau Delta stands on hazing, we have just two words to say on the subject, “firmly” and “against”.