Moving In

Posted by admin | | Monday 10 January 2011 7:51 pm

Information About Moving in to DTD

Are you going to be moving into the Shelter? Before you can move in to Delta Tau Delta, you’ll need to make sure that each of the following items is taken care of first.

Housing Agreement
The Housing Agreement is very much like a lease you might have with an apartment building.  It basically outlines what you will receive from the fraternity (room, coverage on our insurance, and more) in exchange for your monthly rent.  It also spells out the important chapter rules that each person is expected to follow while a member of DTD.  Please read the agreement entirely and thoroughly.  If you or your parents have questions, ask!  This agreement needs to be signed by both the student and his parents before he will be allowed to move in.  It can then be returned to the chapter president or a member of the House Corporation.  To access this contract, follow the “Housing Agreement” link at the top of the page.

Member Contract with Omega Financial
Delta Tau Delta uses a financial service called Omega Financial to handle the collection of all of its bills (click here to read more about DTD’s relationship with Omega).  In other words, you’ll always pay anything you owe directly to Omega.  In order to create an account with the company, you have to fill out their member contract.  This contract needs to be signed and returned to the chapter president or treasurer before you’ll be allowed to move in.  A copy of the contract can be found under the “Omega Financial” link at the top of the page.

Zero Balance
You must have a zero balance with Delta Tau Delta before you’ll be allowed to move in.  That is, all previous bills (such as pledge dues or past rent) must be paid in full before we can allow you to reside in the shelter.  Not sure what your balance is? Check with Omega Financial at

Security Deposit
When a member first moves in to DTD, he is required to pay a security deposit to cover any damages he may cause.  This one-time fee of $250 will be assessed on your first monthly statement from Omega Financial.  A room assessment of the student’s room will be completed at the end of each academic year.  Assuming there is nothing substantial, you won’t owe an additional dime when you return from the summer break.  Once you move out for good and the final room assessment is completed, we’ll return you a check for your security deposit, minus and damages you may have caused to the chapter house or your room.

Move-in Checklist
The final thing to do before moving in is to complete the move-in checklist. This short form will help us track any existing damages in your room so you don’t get assessed for them when you move out. We recommend that when you first arrive at the shelter and before moving your things in, find the chapter president, house & grounds chairman, or house father and ask them to assist with this checklist. Not sure who those officers are? Follow this link to find out.  It only takes a few minutes to fill out the sheet and will save you time in the long run!  You can download a copy of the checklist by following this link.