Stag Night May 19, 2018 – From Brother Don Rogers

Posted by John | General | Monday 19 February 2018 5:34 pm

To Gamma Theta Alumni, Active Chapter Members, New Initiates and Pledges:

Stag Night has become a tradition over the years where Delts could celebrate the end of a school year, the approaching graduation of its seniors and hopefully a successful year for the Chapter and its members. During my 52 years of attending these I’ve gotten to know many other alumni who came well before me or others who had recently graduated. In either case, I’ve made some great friendships.

From a personal perspective, this May is roughly 49 years since I graduated. Others in the classes before me and particularly the last 2 or 3 years I’ve been able to see and reconnect with some men that I probably hadn’t seen again since the late 1960’s or 1970’s and that was great. We’ve had well attended functions some years and other years less so, but usually I saw someone I hadn’t seen for a while and that was special. For an old Delt (71 in April this year), I’d love an opportunity to see as many of those others who will be in that 50+ range and it seems Stag Night is a good place to try and do that.

So I’ve taken this on to try and ‘remarket’ the event to see how many more we could talk into coming to Baldwin for 3-4 hours in the middle of May to catch up. We’ll be working on the usual food and speakers and awards, etc., but in particular having someone here that has a connection to Gamma Theta or Delta Tau Delta who has a special message all of us would like to hear. We’ve had a lot of special guys who have graduated and gone on to do special things in their lives and careers. While I know about some, I’m sure you would be interested in hearing more if we can find that guy.

I’ve also reached out to Delta Tau Delta in Indianapolis to see if anyone there might be free to come out either this year or next and catch us up on where ‘the fraternity’ is. I think we all see in the papers and CNN etc., the challenges for the Greek system. I certainly don’t want to lose what we have nor see it changed appreciably going forward.

So, in short, mark May 19th down on your calendar end get here if you can. You have plenty of time to plan ahead. We’ll keep an updated list of whom else might commit and share that with you. If I find out that Ron Bakeman, as an example among others, is coming I certainly want to be there.

You will hear more from us over the next few weeks with information and reminders, etc. I’d like to see us fill the place for an hour or two. It seems that would be fun.

If anyone has ideas or questions, you can call me at 214-564-7533 or at

Don Rogers ‘69