House Corporation welcomes two new Members

Posted by John | General | Wednesday 15 May 2019 6:40 pm

Stag Night the Delt alumni welcome two new House Corporation members.
As time slips by, we all look back onto the days at the Shelter creating a lifetime bond with our Brothers.
The House Corporation members over these many, many years have contribute in time, provided influence and leadership. We are looking forward having both Eric and Jesse join us again.

We are wishing to continue to build our HC membership with younger alumni. In today’s environment the method of addressing plans, issues and goals…have been accomplished much easier since text messages, emails…and just a couple meetings during the school year. With strong leadership of our Chapter, HC has been able to devote it’s time on the Shelter and capital expenditures.
If your interested…either afar or nearby, Gamma Theta needs your help.