Hartley Cornerstone Fund Plan

Posted by John | General | Sunday 1 March 2015 6:55 pm


Dear Baker Delts,

The Cap 50 Capital Campaign in 2009-10 would not have been possible without the generous gift by Ross Hartley and his wife, Chris as well as over 200 Gamma Theta Delt Brothers. In recognizing the Hartleys, we have established a new maintenance budget for future capital investments, called the Hartley Cornerstone Fund.

One of the initial goals of the Cap 50 campaign was to establish a maintenance fund, but the unexpected expense required to renovate both lower and upper bathrooms at the time of our renovation interfered with that plan.  After careful review and evaluating what is in our near future, we ask you to consider the following plan that would establish a Fund that could lead our Chapter to a new bright future.

Click on this link to get to a PDF of the full Hartley Cornerstone Letter: http://bakerdelts.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Delts_Cornerstone_Letter.pdf