Coleman Reflects on 2013-2014

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Recognizing Our Past Creates New Seeds

In January of 2014, our neighbors across campus, the Alpha Chi Omega chapter, received three very old and dated photos from Colleen Green McKee, who lives in Eugene, Oregon. These pictures had been passed down in Colleen’s family for over a hundred years. Two of the photos were of the women of the Nu Alpha in 1897, the local sorority that later became Omicron Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. The third photograph showed a group of Baker men, also dated 1897, with the name Alpha Omega.

With much help from Baker Fraternity alumni as well as Baker’s historian, it was determined that Alpha Omega was our local Fraternity that later became the Gamma Theta Chapter of Delta Tau Delta. Brothers, the next time that you are in the Shelter, please stop by and see this historical framed picture in the Jim Selzer Formal Room on the mantel.

Our sincere appreciation goes out to the Omicron Alumni Board for their wonderful gift.


In addition to the spirit of those brothers that we recognized in our past, we also need to continue to recognize those that contribute to Gamma Theta in many hard to define ways. Brother Tom Hedrick saw that need to honor such brothers that serve our chapter and spread the true spirit of brotherhood. Brother Hedrick has created a new special award called “Our Brother’s Keeper”.

This new award presented at STAG, recognized Brother Jon W. Stack ’56 for his relentless service to Gamma Theta for many, many years. Brother Stack is a true Delt gentleman that we all aspire to live up to and continually donates his time and talents to the chapter. Also, undergraduate member Dylan Coppenbarger was honored with this award for demonstrating the Gamma Theta spirit of brotherhood. Brother Coppenbarger will receive a $500 gift toward his living expenses as well a check for a $500 gift toward our annual Chicken Fry expenses at which he will be honored.

Tradition often locks us into a certain path that can be sustained and followed by future Baker Delts. However, change is sometimes considered a concern or something that casts doubt on the future of an organization. The House Corporation recognizes change is necessary to sustain stability or adapt to the realities it faces.

Hence, the new seeds of Gamma Theta are being sown as we move forward to insure balance and progressive thought. Here are some examples that have recently taken place:

  1. House Corporation takes this role seriously to maintain a solid organization that is well rounded with Brother Delts with various expertise and talent. It is normal to receive emails weekly from a specific committee that is addressing a need or recognizing a new opportunity. We welcome Brothers Jeff Skillman and Justin Lane to the House Corporation.
  2. A new multi-year House Contract is being issued to every incoming Delt Brother moving in to the chapter house for the first time. There have been issues regarding the stability of our members, and their commitment to living in the Shelter.
  3. This clarifies the expectations of each member. Brother Bob Andrews along with Bob Selzer were very instrumental in reaching this new level and drafting the new housing agreement.
  4. New By-Laws were voted in at STAG 2013, which provided the House Corp. new guidelines and expectations that all Delt Alumni should read up on.
  5. Nine Delts are expected to serve on the House Corporation. Go to for current By-Laws.
  6. The University in Baldwin City has made it clear that Greek life is important to their campus and important for future growth of the university. It is also apparent that incoming freshman students need to have an extended hand of welcome from all Greek Houses. Thus our Brothers Bob Williams, Fred Farmer, Gary Sollars, Swede Malm and Bob Andrews have volunteered to join other Fraternities to create an organization call Alumni Inter-fraternity Council (AIC), with the purpose to generate Greek interest and grow the fraternity system that is so important to the foundation of the University and so important to build as well as sustain our fraternity’s future. AIC launches its first summer recruitment program this June. Volunteers can contact Brother Bob Andrews.
  7. Website, mass e-mails, and social media have become the main methods of communication for the chapter.
  8. Speaking recently with Brother Don Kimble (Pear’s oldest brother), we spoke about the days of the Delta Gram. For those who remember, it was a first class newsletter written by our Dale Kimble. Kimble was on target, on time and was certainly patient about GT chapter.
  9. In today’s environment, we have young and talented HC members that provide these services behind the scenes. Bradford Oliva & Bob Selzer offer their updates, and most recent changes. Check out the new site at and the alumni banner called “News” and “Chapter Eternal”.  The site adapts to the seasons STAG/Alumni event, or Fall Recruitment as well as holiday updates. We thank Brothers Selzer and Oliva for their talent and time!
  10. Living in the Shelter still has its traditions: Eat. Sleep. Study. Play. However, in 2014 each of those items are in different modes: Class hours vary, full time athletic responsibilities vary, meal hours vary with warm plates being saved and served at each. Our members face unique social media encounters, pledge education will be lengthened to be greater than 8 weeks, our House Director has a limited but defined role, our wonderful Cook Mary is serving great warm meals on budget, and she is doing so with the support of House Boys AND House Girls as well as full support from the fraternity!
  11. STAG night was hosted by past chapter president, Michael Hobbs, and created an evening of memories by highlighting three Delts that shared their experience into living “Continued Lives of Excellence”. Jeff Skillman ’10, Tony Rider ’93, and Jim Turner ’69 shared their personal thoughts of the influence Gamma Theta has offered them over their years. The room full of alumni, and Chapter members stood with ovation. The messages were direct and very meaningful for all.


In addition these individuals received the following awards at STAG:

Nick Yarbrough – New Member of the Year

Dylan Coppenbarger – Active of the Year

Mike Hobbs – Senior of the year

Mike Farmer – Alumni of the Year

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Reiske – Parents of the Year

Undergraduate Scholarships Awarded for the 2014-2015 Academic School Year:

Flemming-Shank – Colter Schacher $1,160

Fred Webb – Andrew Heim $534

Jim Selzer – Andrew Heim  $542

John “Jeb” Blake – Levi Blaylock $318

Graves – Levi Blaylock $638

Thank you to those who shared in the spirit of Brotherhood at STAG 2014, and may we all be inspired by the stories of Brothers Skillman, Rider, and Turner to continue to strive towards living lives of excellence!

Gary Coleman ’72
House Corporation President

Farewell Dr. Pat Long!

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Thank You for 8 great years at Baker University and best wishes on your future endeavors!!!

The Gamma Theta Chapter of Delta Tau Delta

“Dear Alumni Interfraternity Council,

Thank you so much for honoring me on Saturday at the Open House. I LOVE the sunflower silver plate and the quilt. Both will serve as wonderful reminders of my time at Baker. Getting to know our Greek students and alumni has been very rewarding. There is no place like Baker and our fraternities are a huge part of that Baker magic.

Thank you again for your support and friendship over the last 8 years.”

- Dr. Pat